YLHS Physicals

YLHS will be hosting physicals for both our incoming 8th graders as well as our current athletes. It will be held on Wednesday, May 18th from 4-8pm (doors close at 7pm) in the gym. The cost is $35 but the nice thing is all the money will go back into athletics. This is always a busy evening but a great way for our athletes to get their physicals done for the Summer and next school year.

I would like to ask that every team have at least 1 volunteer to help with the evening. It takes a lot of people to help this evening run smoothly. If you could reach out to your boosters and ask them if at least 1 parent could volunteer, it would be a huge help. They can contact me directly and i will explain what needs to be done.

Again, I appreciate all that you do. Have a great day and GO MUSTANGS!

Jeff Platt

Athletic Director

Yorba Linda High School

714-986-7500 Ext. 14012


CIF Finals Recap

The Varsity Girls closed out their season this past Saturday at the CIF Southern Section Finals. All seven runners beat their race times from the semifinals race the previous week. Sydney Rome placed third overall and earned a spot in the State Championship next week. Sydney LeBrun, Victoria Campbell, Lexi Broadwater and Makenna Farley set course PRs. Despite the improvements and PRs the girls were not able to qualify as a team. They will be ready to come back strong next year. Good luck to Sydney at state next week!

CIF Prelims Recap

It was a great day of racing at the CIF Southern Section Prelims. Shay Savalia started the day off strong, running a 16:26 and finishing 15th overall. He topped his previous best Mt SAC time by more than 30 seconds. 

The Varsity Girls were up next. Sydney Rome placed second and Sydney LeBrun tenth to pace the team. The pack of Carissa Teran, Victoria Campbell, Danielle Huizar, Lexi Broadwater and Makenna Farley ran as a strong group and helped to secure third place overall for the team and earn a spot in the CIF Southern Section Finals next week. They will race Saturday, November 20th at 8:25AM at Mt SAC. The top seven teams will advance to the State Championship Saturday, November 27th. 

League Finals Recap

It was a great day of racing at League Finals. It was a strong performance by the entire team. The JV Boys finished first paced by David Van Dyke in first place, Brandon Nowland third, Mark Jorgensen fifth, Tas Sebestyen sixth and Kayden Goto tenth. The Frosh/Soph Girls finished second with Sarina Patel in fifth, Penelope Fournier sixth, Rory Hartzheim eighth and Naomi Peralta tenth. 

The Varsity Girls and Shay Savalia qualified for the CIF Southern Section Prelims next Saturday with strong performances. 

The day’s top performers…

JV Girls: Dhamar Hernandez (13)

JV Boys: David Van Dyke (1), Brandon Nowland (3), Mark Jorgensen (5), Tas Sebestyen (6), Kayden Goto (10) 

Frosh/Soph Girls: Sarina Patel (5), Penelope Fournier (6), Rory Hartzheim (8) and Naomi Peralta (10) 

Frosh/Soph Boys: Taylor Stivers (12)

Varsity Girls: Sydney Rome (2)

Varsity Boys: Shay Savalia (3)

Personal Records (PRs)


Sydney Rome 17:15

Makenna Farley 20:27

Penelope Fournier 21:46

Dhamar Hernandez 22:05

Rory Hartzheim 23:19

Elyse Tran 24:55

Meliah Samora 25:07

Lili Sebestyen 25:43


Shay Savalia 15:37

Adrian Wellmeyer 17:12

Aidan Palicke 17:16

Alex MacFarlane 17:59 

Jacob Schatzman 17:59

Tas Sebestyen 18:31

Taylor Stivers 18:33

Jacob Ortillano 18:38

Jack Vento 18:42

Lucas Dias 18:52

Ivan Flores 18:59

Daniel Chang 19:26

Brandon Hussain 19:50

Brent Jorgensen 20:16

Connor Griffin 20:58

Ky Savalia 21:11

Aidan Vouga 21:30

Sean Bluemel 22:20

Riley Yoon 23:24

David Valenzuela 23:30

Mt Sac Recap

It was a great day of racing at the Mt Sac Invitational. It was a strong performance by the entire team led by the Mt Sac Coach of the Year Vidal Arista. The JV Boys and Varsity Girls each won their races paced by the second-place finishes of Alex MacFarlane and Sydney Rome. The Sophomore Girls finished second as a team led by Sarina Patel in fourth. 

The days top performers…

Freshman Girls: Penelope Fournier (21) and Rory Hartzheim (22) 

Freshman Boys: Jack Vento (32) and Jack Karcher (35)

Sophomore Girls: Sarina Patel (4) and Naomi Peralta (19)

Sophomore Boys: Taylor Stivers (28)

JV Girls: Dhamar Hernandez (27) 

JV Boys: Alex MacFarlane (2), Mark Jorgensen (7), Brandon Nowland (11), Kayden Goto (13), Tas Sebestyen (14) and Ivan Flores (15)

Varsity Boys: Shay Savalia (15) 

Varsity Girls: Sydney Rome (2) Sydney Le Brun (18) 

Clovis Invitational Recap

It was a great day at the Clovis Invitational Saturday as the girls’ team finished 7th led by race overall winner Sydney Rome with a time of 18:26 on the 3.1 mile course. Sydney Le Brun also medaled finishing 25th with a time of 20:05. The boys had a good day too and were led by Shay Savalia with a time of 16:34. The next race for both teams will be at the Mt Sac Invitational on October 22nd. 

Temecula Recap

It was a great evening at the Temecula Twilight! Sydney Rome led the way winning the Girls Sundown Showdown race in 17:22. Sophomore girls finished 4th, with Sarina finishing 8th place. There were 13 girls and 11 boys with PRs. Well done!

Top performers: 


Freshman: Jacob Ortillano

Sophomore: Taylor Stivers

JV: Alex MacFarlane

Varsity: Shay Savalia


Freshman: Penelope Fournier

Sophomore: Sarina Patel

JV: Dhamar Hernandez

Varsity: Sydney Rome (1st place overall)



Aidan Palicke 17:20

Aidan Vouga 21:45

Alex MacFarlane 18:25

Daniel Chang 20:35

Jack Vento 20:00

Jacob Ortillano 19:40

Mark Jorgensen 18:07

Mason Farley 17:14

Riley Yoon 23:46

Sean Bluemel 24:01

Taylor Stivers 19:26


Danielle Huizar 20:06

Dhamar Hernandez 22:19

Gabby Handfield 24:39

Lexi Broadwater 20:04

Lili Sebestyen 27:59

Makenna Farley 21:06

Meliah Samora 28:08

Molly Polomsky 26:06

Olivia Reed 20:06

Penelope Fournier 22:26

Rory Hartzheim 23:22

Sydney Le Brun 18:20

Sydney Rome 17:22

Woodbridge Recap

It was a great evening at the Woodbridge Invitational! There were many runners who had their first three mile race and 8 returning runners set personal records (PRs). The girls varsity team finished seventh in their race. 

Top performers: 


Freshman Penelope Fournier

Sophomore Sarina Patel

JV Dhamar Hernandez

Varsity Sydney Rome (3rd place overall)


Freshman Jacob Ortillano

Sophomore Matthew Arrieta

Junior Alex MacFarlane

Senior Mark Jorgensen

Varsity Shay Savalia


Mark Jorgensen 18:23

Aidan Palicke 17:32 

Shay Savalia 16:07

Tas Sebestyen 18:42

Tyler Yang 17:16

Lexi Broadwater 20:23 

Dhamar Hernandez 22:53

Sydney Rome: 17:35

Amazon Smile Fundraiser

The goal of the YLHS XC Boosters’ goals is to be able to provide everything needed for both our athletes and coaches to be successful during the season. One way to help support the team in this endeavor is to participate in our Amazon Smile fundraiser. 

To begin shopping through Amazon Smile, follow this how-to guide or visit smile.amazon.com/ch/27-0660519.

Shopping through Amazon Smile does not change the availability, cost or shipping for your products, but it does donate 0.5% to the team. While that might not sound like much, the donation adds up quickly if multiple athletes’ families participate.

Every little bit helps, so please share our Amazon Smile fundraiser with your family, friends and neighbors. Thank you in advance for your support!