CIF State Championships

Our YLHS Varsity Womens team of Alexandra Herrada, Sarina Patel, Olivia Reed, Sydney Rome, Makenna Farley, Brooke Boyd, Sydney LeBrun, and Mackenzie Dalton placed 11th at the CIF State Championships. Sydney Rome placed 15th overall. As usual, they were supported by their teammates who showed up to cheer them on and their coaches! Congratulations to all our incredible runners!


Our YLHS Varsity Team of Brooke Boyd, Sydney Rome, Olivia Reed, Alexandra Herrada, Mackenzie Dalton, Sarina Patel, Sydney LeBrun, and Makenna Farley advance to the CIF State Championships. Their teammates were there to support and cheer them on! Go Mustangs!

CIF-Southern Section Prelims

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Please Come Out to Cheer on Our Runners in the CIF-Southern Section Prelims!

Our Varsity Women (Alexandra Herrada, Brooke Boyd, Mackenzie Dalton, Makenna Farley, Olivia Reed, Sarina Patel, Sydney LeBrun, and Sydney Rome will race at 11:11 and Mason Farley will race at 11:55 at Mt. SAC on Saturday, Nov 12.

We are so proud of you!

Mt. SAC Recap

Our YLHS Varsity Womens team consisting of Alexandra Herrada (21:20), Brooke Boyd (20:00), Mackenzie Dalton (20:56), Makenna Farley (21:02), Oliva Reed, Sydney LeBrun (19:44), and Sydney Rome (18:05) placed second in the D3-4-5 Individual Sweepstakes Race!

Our YLHS Varsity Mens team placed 5th in the Blue Race with Mason Farley lighting up the course a time of 16:57, followed closely by Adrian Wellmeyer (17:12). Taylor Stivers (18:00), Daniel Chang (18:03), Alex MacFarlane (18:03), Jacob Ortillano (18:34), and Ivan Flores (18:46)

Sarina Patel placed first in the JV Girls Yellow Race with a time of 23:10 and Kate Tachikawa followed with a time of 25:27. Our JV Boys placed 6th in the Red Race. Aidan Vouga led the team with a time of 18:10 followed by Tyler Yang, Brent Jorgensen, Connor Griffin, Lucas Dias, and Tristan Wellmeyer.

Penelope Fournier led the Sophomore Girls team in the Yellow Race with a time 23:13. She was followed by Rory Hartzheim and Lili Sebestyen. Brandon Hussain led the Sophomore Boys in the Red Race with a time of 19:22 with Jack Karcher right behind with a time of 19:23. They were followed by Ky Savalia, Riley Yoon, and Sean Bluemel.

Our Freshman Girls placed 4th in the Green Race. Alison Su lead the way with a time of 23:48 and was followed by Oliva Teran, Lorelei Pohl, Christina Wright, Hailey Spake, and Vivian Lin. Our Freshman Boys team made a strong showing in the Blue race with Toren Habbestad clocking in at 19:03 followed by Trevor Gilson at 23:18.