High temps at Mt. SAC didn’t prevent our Mustangs from posting excellent times at the 75th Annual Mt. SAC Cross Country Invitational on Friday, October 20, 2023.

Temperatures were in the low 90s at mid-day, and race officials decided to shorten a few of the earlier races by moving them to the two-mile course. This was to help avoid heat-related distress among the hundreds of runners attending the meet. Along with the heat, Mt. SAC’s notoriously challenging course, which includes a dirt running path and several steep hills, made the event even more memorable. Sophomore Alison Su took 4th place overall in the D3,4&5 Girls Soph division, and junior Dante Maldonado placed 9th in the D3,4&5 Boys Team Sweepstakes division.

Our Mustangs pulled in some impressive numbers:

2 Miles (adjusted for heat)
Jack Karcher 11:20
Brent Jorgensen 12:10
Riley Yoon 12:37
Connor Griffin 12:55

Kiley Kawaja 16:21
Arianna Colin 20:02

Rio Maldonado 11:05
Carson Black 13:19
Daniel Hernandez 13:44

Alison Su 13:26 – 4th place overall
Lorelei Pohl 13:49
Olivia Teran 14:03
Sarai SantaCruz 16:44

2.93 Miles
Trevor Gilson 21:31

Sydney Lebrun 22:58
Penelope Fournier 24:55
Rory Hartzheim 25:05

Isabella Wroblewski 19:37
Olivia Reed 19:40
Mackenzie Dalton 20:06
Brooke Boyd 20:27
Emily Maurer 23:49
Kathryn Thompson 24:40

Dante Maldonado 15:43 – 9th place overall
Adrian Wellmeyer 16:51
Mason Farley 16:54
Toren Habbestad 17:03
Taylor Stivers 17:44
Kaayan Savalia 18:02
Jacob Ortillano 18:49

All official results here: https://www.athletic.net/CrossCountry/meet/224388/info

Video recaps here: https://www.dyestat.com/gprofile.php?mgroup_id=44531&mgroup_event_id=422&do=videos&folder_id=recent&year=2023

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