Our YLHS Varsity Womens team consisting of Alexandra Herrada (21:20), Brooke Boyd (20:00), Mackenzie Dalton (20:56), Makenna Farley (21:02), Oliva Reed, Sydney LeBrun (19:44), and Sydney Rome (18:05) placed second in the D3-4-5 Individual Sweepstakes Race!

Our YLHS Varsity Mens team placed 5th in the Blue Race with Mason Farley lighting up the course a time of 16:57, followed closely by Adrian Wellmeyer (17:12). Taylor Stivers (18:00), Daniel Chang (18:03), Alex MacFarlane (18:03), Jacob Ortillano (18:34), and Ivan Flores (18:46)

Sarina Patel placed first in the JV Girls Yellow Race with a time of 23:10 and Kate Tachikawa followed with a time of 25:27. Our JV Boys placed 6th in the Red Race. Aidan Vouga led the team with a time of 18:10 followed by Tyler Yang, Brent Jorgensen, Connor Griffin, Lucas Dias, and Tristan Wellmeyer.

Penelope Fournier led the Sophomore Girls team in the Yellow Race with a time 23:13. She was followed by Rory Hartzheim and Lili Sebestyen. Brandon Hussain led the Sophomore Boys in the Red Race with a time of 19:22 with Jack Karcher right behind with a time of 19:23. They were followed by Ky Savalia, Riley Yoon, and Sean Bluemel.

Our Freshman Girls placed 4th in the Green Race. Alison Su lead the way with a time of 23:48 and was followed by Oliva Teran, Lorelei Pohl, Christina Wright, Hailey Spake, and Vivian Lin. Our Freshman Boys team made a strong showing in the Blue race with Toren Habbestad clocking in at 19:03 followed by Trevor Gilson at 23:18.

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