XCStats logo

Through XCStats.com, you will be able to obtain:

  • Individual, team and season statistics
  • Individual career page

Just think, 4 years from now, a new freshman boy joining YLHS XC program will be able to see how he ran at Mt. Sac and compare that to your time 4 years earlier. As a coach, it provides valuable feedback as to where an individuals’ potential may be by looking at how they compared to past runners at a similar point in their running career. This information is all available at the touch of a button.

In addition, XCStats.com provides you and parents:

  • Communications system (emails, text messaging, discussion forum, and website), to improve information flow to you and your parents
  • Complete coaching tools section to set season and individual goals for every race
  • Feedback as to how you did compared to your goal for a particular race
  • Ability to keep a training log (great for summer) to let you know how many miles you are running over the course of a week, month, year or years.

Click here for the YLHS XC Team Home Page on XCStats.com.


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