It was a great day of racing at League Finals. It was a strong performance by the entire team. The JV Boys finished first paced by David Van Dyke in first place, Brandon Nowland third, Mark Jorgensen fifth, Tas Sebestyen sixth and Kayden Goto tenth. The Frosh/Soph Girls finished second with Sarina Patel in fifth, Penelope Fournier sixth, Rory Hartzheim eighth and Naomi Peralta tenth. 

The Varsity Girls and Shay Savalia qualified for the CIF Southern Section Prelims next Saturday with strong performances. 

The day’s top performers…

JV Girls: Dhamar Hernandez (13)

JV Boys: David Van Dyke (1), Brandon Nowland (3), Mark Jorgensen (5), Tas Sebestyen (6), Kayden Goto (10) 

Frosh/Soph Girls: Sarina Patel (5), Penelope Fournier (6), Rory Hartzheim (8) and Naomi Peralta (10) 

Frosh/Soph Boys: Taylor Stivers (12)

Varsity Girls: Sydney Rome (2)

Varsity Boys: Shay Savalia (3)

Personal Records (PRs)


Sydney Rome 17:15

Makenna Farley 20:27

Penelope Fournier 21:46

Dhamar Hernandez 22:05

Rory Hartzheim 23:19

Elyse Tran 24:55

Meliah Samora 25:07

Lili Sebestyen 25:43


Shay Savalia 15:37

Adrian Wellmeyer 17:12

Aidan Palicke 17:16

Alex MacFarlane 17:59 

Jacob Schatzman 17:59

Tas Sebestyen 18:31

Taylor Stivers 18:33

Jacob Ortillano 18:38

Jack Vento 18:42

Lucas Dias 18:52

Ivan Flores 18:59

Daniel Chang 19:26

Brandon Hussain 19:50

Brent Jorgensen 20:16

Connor Griffin 20:58

Ky Savalia 21:11

Aidan Vouga 21:30

Sean Bluemel 22:20

Riley Yoon 23:24

David Valenzuela 23:30

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