It was a great evening at the Temecula Twilight! Sydney Rome led the way winning the Girls Sundown Showdown race in 17:22. Sophomore girls finished 4th, with Sarina finishing 8th place. There were 13 girls and 11 boys with PRs. Well done!

Top performers: 


Freshman: Jacob Ortillano

Sophomore: Taylor Stivers

JV: Alex MacFarlane

Varsity: Shay Savalia


Freshman: Penelope Fournier

Sophomore: Sarina Patel

JV: Dhamar Hernandez

Varsity: Sydney Rome (1st place overall)



Aidan Palicke 17:20

Aidan Vouga 21:45

Alex MacFarlane 18:25

Daniel Chang 20:35

Jack Vento 20:00

Jacob Ortillano 19:40

Mark Jorgensen 18:07

Mason Farley 17:14

Riley Yoon 23:46

Sean Bluemel 24:01

Taylor Stivers 19:26


Danielle Huizar 20:06

Dhamar Hernandez 22:19

Gabby Handfield 24:39

Lexi Broadwater 20:04

Lili Sebestyen 27:59

Makenna Farley 21:06

Meliah Samora 28:08

Molly Polomsky 26:06

Olivia Reed 20:06

Penelope Fournier 22:26

Rory Hartzheim 23:22

Sydney Le Brun 18:20

Sydney Rome 17:22

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