It was a great evening at the Woodbridge Invitational! There were many runners who had their first three mile race and 8 returning runners set personal records (PRs). The girls varsity team finished seventh in their race. 

Top performers: 


Freshman Penelope Fournier

Sophomore Sarina Patel

JV Dhamar Hernandez

Varsity Sydney Rome (3rd place overall)


Freshman Jacob Ortillano

Sophomore Matthew Arrieta

Junior Alex MacFarlane

Senior Mark Jorgensen

Varsity Shay Savalia


Mark Jorgensen 18:23

Aidan Palicke 17:32 

Shay Savalia 16:07

Tas Sebestyen 18:42

Tyler Yang 17:16

Lexi Broadwater 20:23 

Dhamar Hernandez 22:53

Sydney Rome: 17:35

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