Great Cow Run, Saturday 9/1

This Saturday, September 1st is the first race–the Cerritos Invitational/Great Cow Run.  We look forward to seeing you there.
Runners need to show up at the YLHS at 6:15AM for the bus to the meet (all runners must ride the bus).
Make sure to show up early and wear comfortable shoes–there is a lot of walking to watch them race.  I have attached the race schedule, course map, runner directory, etc.  Print a copy for reference later or download it to your phone.  Look for the other YLHS parents out there and introduce yourself.  They will probably have some great tips on where to watch the races.
Google Maps of Cerritos Invitational/Great Cow Run…
Please leave the coaches and runners alone during the meet.  They will be extremely busy keeping everyone moving in the right direction for the first meet.
Verify your runner has tried on their uniform.  We can still fix problems now.  Race day is not the time to fix issues.
Great Cow Run 2018

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