But I Don’t Run…

Eighth grade roundup was a great success and it was nice to see all of you eager to start your high school athletic career.  We also saw a little self-doubt, worry and apprehension because, “I’m not a runner” or “I don’t run.”  Just because you haven’t run with the exception of the mile in PE doesn’t mean you are not a runner.  Approximately 1/3 of the athletes currently on the cross country team never ran prior to joining the team their freshman year.  A little bit of nerves or self-doubt is perfectly normal for anything you have never attempted but it shouldn’t overwhelm or stop you.  The coaches understand where you are coming from and have spent time developing a program to maximize your potential while minimizing the risk of injury.  Much like math is a series of building blocks to solve larger problems, cross country takes a building block approach to get you ready for the season.

The beauty of cross country is that everyone participates and everyone races.  Every team member is valued and everyone contributes.  You race as an individual while part of the team.  You support each other while working to run your best time.

You may doubt yourself and think, “I should have started running sooner.”  It’s never too late to start—ask Julia “Hurricane” Hawkins.  She started running at the spry age of 100 and recently set the age-group world record in the 60 meter dash.  At the same meet Orville Rogers, 100 lost to Dixon Hemphill, 93 in the men’s masters 60 meter dash.  Despite the defeat, Rogers still set an age-group world record.  There may be someone out there faster than you, or you may be the one everyone else is chasing!   Your personal achievements and accomplishments are ahead of you.  Last year nearly all runners improved throughout the season and most runners improved 30 to 90 seconds (or more) per mile.

Your journey begins July 9th and you are not alone.  Welcome to the YLHS XC family!

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